Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Jorney to the Center of the Earth

I just took a trip to the center of the earth. It was a long trip, about 6,378 km to the exact center of the earth. The first layer that I went through was the Lithosphere, then the Asthenosphere. After that I went through the Mesosphere, then the Outer and Inner core.
I first started digging into the crust. The crust is part of the lithosphere. Then after I went through the crust I went into the solid, upper ridged part of the mantle, still in the lithosphere. After digging through that for 150 km I hit the Asthenosphere. The Asthenosphere is a plastic layer of the mantle on which pieces of the lithosphere move. When I was there I had to dig through solid rock (that moves very slowly.) After going through the Asthenosphere for 250 km, I hit the Mesosphere. The Mesosphere was hard to go through because it is the strong, lower part of the mantle. It is the largest area to go through, 2,550 km. Then I finally hit the core. The first part of the core is the Outer core. The Outer core was one of the easiest layers to go through. It is a liquid layer so the digging was not too hard. Then after 2,200 km of the Outer core; I hit the Inner core, which is a whole different story. Being the solid dense core it is the digging was almost impossible! But with the strength I had left, I finally go to the exact center of the earth.
Having to go through 5 layers of the earth was a huge challenge! As we went through each layer the pressure was building, and not to mention it was getting super duper hot. I was a large challenge, but I did it with the help of technology. As I stood at the center of the Inner core, of the earth, I was over whelmed by all of it, the pressure, the heat, and looking up at the hole I got myself into. I knew I could not just climb right out so I went through the inner core, the outer core, then the mesosphere, then the asthenosphere, and lastly the lithosphere again. MJS3


Anonymous said...

Very informative, I like the detail about all of the layers, easy to understand.

Anonymous said...

I love how you turned the essay into a story. It kept my attention and at the same time gave me some very useful information about the earth's layers.

Anonymous said...

Very factual, but runs smoothly.
I found it easy to read, and I was surprised at how much you knew.
I also found it the best out of the other stories related to this topic.


Anonymous said...

Gave many facts love the way you made it into a strory not just info after info.