Friday, March 14, 2008

journey to the center of the earth

Journey to the center of earth
The journey to the center of the earth
First at about 0 miles to about 25 miles deep its jus the rock or crust it is solid. Then u hit the mantle, which is melted rock, and solid rock, which is changed chemically because of the magma. And that is 1800 miles thick then u hit the outer core which is nothing but magma or melted rock the chemicals change again because its all melted no rock its all magma and that is 1400 miles thick then at about a grand total of 32,25 miles deep u hit the pure iron form of the core which is a metal that is 800 miles thick of iron which changes again because from rock to paschal melted rock to melted rock to iron there are many chemical changes because in the mantle the rock is very dense. It can range from 1600 degrees Fahrenheit in the crust at the bottom were the rock begins where the mantle starts that can be up to 4000 degrees Fahrenheit and that is were the outer liquid part of the core starts and that is made of iron and nickel and is ranged 4000 degrees to 9000 degrees Fahrenheit and then it is the pure iron center of the earth which is 9000 degrees Fahrenheit and constantly has 45,000,000 pounds of pressure on it that’s 3,000,000 pounds more than the sea levels of pressure deference



Anonymous said...

I thought that it was really cool. I never new the presher gets stonger the more u go down.

Anonymous said...

that was interesting... you did a ok job put the spelling was off a lil bit you kept writting "u" instead of you and i think that if u want people to take u serious and that you know wat ur talking about u would of not used that type of spellin but over all it was okay-jg5

Anonymous said...

it was a pretty good paper. would have been better without all the "u"s. ME4