Friday, March 14, 2008

Predicting eruptions

Predicting volcanoes

Scientists don’t know when earthquakes are going to happen but they do try to predict them. They use seismographs and just the movements of the volcano like ash, magma, bulges, and gas coming out. All though they don’t know exactly when it’s going to explode there has been many advances in technology to move forward. It would help to know when the eruption is going to happen so they can recommend an evacuation of the area in time so no one gets hurt.

One way to predict eruptions is a seismograph. A seismograph is a sensor that detects the intensity of the earthquake by the moving magma. The seismograph can help detect when it’s coming because the magma moves faster. Sometimes volcanoes spit out magma a little bit at a time and eventually keep getting more and more until it explodes. This gives scientist time to give an estimate when to evacuate. When ash and steam come out they now its getting ready to erupt. Scientists use land set satellite to see how much gas the volcano is producing everyday. Some volcanoes have bulges that they grow with magma inside of them. These are some ways to predict volcanic eruptions.

Each and every volcano is different so there is no set time to evacuate. Volcanoes can simmer and bubble for hours, days, weeks, months, and even years without erupting. Scientists recommend an evacuation depending on the density of the population, degree of mobility, and transportation factor. If there are many people in the area they take it more serious and recommend an evacuation sooner. The mobility and transportation is also a huge deal because they have to have it to get away. When scientists recommend an evacuation they need to make sure there is enough transportation to get everyone out in time. That’s why a recommended evacuation on time is so important to people and scientists.

These are some clues to predicting eruptions and how advances in technology are helping. With these clues they can better recommend an evacuation in time to save peoples life. That’s why this is so important to know.


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