Thursday, March 13, 2008

Preparing a house for an earthquake

How do You Prepare your Home for an Earthquake?

When preparing your house for an earthquake there are many steps that you can go through. First, somebody in your household should learn how to shut off gas, water, and electricity in your home in case the power lines get damaged. Also, you should make sure to secure all your heavy furnishes. Also, make sure to secure your water heater and other appliances that could move and disrupt utility lines. Those aren’t the only steps that you have to go through. Also make sure that you keep all flammable and hazardous liquids such as paints, pest sprays, and cleaning products in cabinets or secured on low shelves. Also try to have a disaster supplies kit made at your home so that if you run into such a situation where you don’t have anything you will be fine or be better then you would have been.
You can eliminate hazards by doing a few things. First, bolt bookcases, china cabinets, and other tall furniture to wall studs. Also installing strong latches on cupboards. One of the last things I am going to state that you can do to eliminate hazards is strapping the water heater to wall studs. Most of this all prevents moving furniture and appliances around when the shaking actually got started. Once the shaking begins the main thing you should do is Drop, Cover, and Hold on! Then move only a few steps to a nearby safe place. Stay indoor until the shaking stops and you’re sure its safe to exit. Stay away from windows while the shaking is happening. If you live or are in a high-rising building, expect the fire alarms and sprinklers to go off. If you are in bed during an earthquake, hold on and stay there, protecting your head with a pillow.
These steps should help you prepare your home for an earthquake and help keep you safe during the earthquake.


Anonymous said...

your paper was really good and i would definatly go to your information when i lived in a place that has earthquakes regularly. i think you could have done a better begining to get people really hooked and read your paper.

Anonymous said...

Your information was actually informational, and if I ever move to a plate boundary or something, I'll know what to do. I think yours was straight up info, but also managed to capture attention.