Thursday, March 13, 2008

Society on an Active Plate Boundary

A society on the south side of the world, lies on an active plate boundary. This large society is the great Kobe, Japan. There are many dangers with volcanoes and earthquakes. Kobe residents have to be prepared to pack up and leave suddenly, for a volcano or earthquake can be unpredictable.

One danger of a volcano, is the lava can kill people and animals, but the ash can cause serious breathing problems. There are many ways to be prepared for a natural disaster such as a volcano to erupt. One way is to have extras of non perishable food, dust masks, warm clothing and blankets. Also they have to make a plan where to meet.

Earthquakes can be dangerous too, for there power can shake houses right to the ground! In Kobe, a small wooden house was shaken to the ground in minutes and the city was in flames because a gas line burst. Preparing for an earthquake can be similar to a volcanoes' expectations. A way to prepare for one is to make sure your house is bolted to the foundation, so it won't move, and secure furniture to the walls and floors so they don't move either. Also have enough food and water for a few days because wherever you are, you always want to be safe!(SC5)

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a little short. maybe add more next time. good info though. ME4