Thursday, March 13, 2008

A volcano that has been dornmant for sometime

I am traveling toward the crater of a volcano. I am here to research the volcanic ash and lapilli. Lapilli comes out of a volcano during a volcanic eruptions. Volcanic ash is the remains of the volcano burning.
Volcanic ash is technically the earthy or mineral type like particle of broken substances remaining after the burning of the volcano. Volcanic ash is very dangerous. If you attempt at getting some volcanic ash I would make sure you do it a while after the volcanic eruption. The volcanic ash usually lies at the bottom of the basin of the volcano. Like the volcano Toomba, in Australia the volcanic ash lies at the cross section in the basin. When the volcano erupts the lava flow ends up being about 75 miles long. The Toomba flow is 130,000 years old. So there is probably a lot of volcanic ash.
Lapilli is a small, solidified stony particle ejected from a volcano during a volcanic eruption. Lapilli is a size classification term for tephra , which is material that falls out of the air during an eruption. The size of Lapilli can range from 2-64mm in diameter. Imagine getting hit by a chunk of Lapilli, which would hurt. Lapilli is a hard substance and a large amount can come out of a volcano at once. If I were a volcano searcher I would watch out for some Lapilli and volcanic ash. The difference between Lapilli and volcanic ash is first of all the size. The size of lapilli is big chunks. On the other hand volcanic ash is like sand with a few little chunks in it. Lapilli comes out of a volcano during an eruption. Volcanic ash is the remains of the volcano burning.
So I would end up going toward the crater of the volcano for many reasons. First off I am an explorer and I like to play it dangerous. Second I am curious about volcanic ash and lapilli. They both interest me and I am able to search volcanoes, so I am going to.


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I really liked how you made it funny and related it to you.



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I like your writing style and how you made it personal!! Great Job~!(ah4)