Friday, March 14, 2008

Exploring a volcano

You are exploring a volcano that has been dormant for some time now. At first you see volcanic ash. Then about ten minutes later, you start seeing lapilli which way are u going?
Lapilli are a small stone usually two to sixty four millimeters in size. It is made of solidified magma or resolidified rock, lapilli is expelled from a volcano and it usually between one half mile and one mile a lot of shapes of lapilli have been recorded some look like rain drops or buttons others look like a dumbbell or a sphere. The most common type of lapilli is a welded tuft. Lapilli also smell like sulfur, it looks a lot like rice. Lapilli travel least far because it is so small it does not catch the pressure of the explosion.
Volcanic ash is smaller than two millimeters in size, and it is made of solidified magma that has been crushed into a sand sized particle, and crushed rock. After an explosion the ash can go up to three miles away and leave a thick coating of as much as three feet of ash. A nickname for volcanic ash is tuft. Volcanic ash smells like sulfur and if a wind blows it hard enough it creates a yellow and grey haze that is almost impossible to see through.
So which way are you heading? You are heading towards the volcano because the ash falls farthest away from the volcano. And lapilli are only able to travel about one third of the distance as volcanic ash. RD05


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It does need to be a bit longer, but I think that the beginning was a really good start. Now i know what to look for when i am in a volcano :) MR.5