Thursday, March 13, 2008

How People Live on the West Coast with the Dangers of Plate Tectonics

The West Coast of the United States is a dangerous place to live because it is located on a fault. They have many natural disasters including volcanic eruptions, mudslides, tsunamis, and of course earthquakes. The main cause of all these disasters is the Pacific and the North American Plate collide there. The people that live on the West Coast have to learn to cope with these living conditions.

One of the greatest natural disasters that can happen on the West Coast is an earthquake. People can live with these disasters by reinforcing there houses and being always prepared for an earthquake. You can reinforce you house bye using steal, hydraulics in you basement, and support beams in your house. You always want to have a plan in case of an earthquake, and make sure everyone knows it. Other ways of being prepared are to have emergency food and water, a flashlight with batteries, a battery powered radio with extra batteries, a first aid kit, and some form of shelter.

Sometimes earthquakes happen in the ocean which creates a tsunami. To help protect yourself from a tsunami you should also have a plan if one happens. Other procedures are to stay tuned on the radio when there's been an earthquake because they will tell you a tsunami warning. If there's a warning get to higher ground and take a radio and all valuable documents.

There are many times where there are torrential downpours which may cause a mudslide. Mudslides can be very dangerous especially when they are fast. Some safety tips for mudslides are to have an evacuation plan, check the weather, and get to higher ground.

The last disaster that people in the West Coast have to deal with is a volcanic eruption. When a volcano erupts people that live close usually have to evacuate. If you live near a volcano you should have these items in case of an eruption: three days worth of food and water, a first aid kit, blankets, warm clothing, battery powered radio, and a map.

The West Coast is a nice place to live but it has a lot of natural disasters. People learn to adapt to these conditions.



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