Friday, March 14, 2008

The Loihi Submarine Island

The Loihi Submarine Volcano

Loihi is a submarine Hawaiian volcano the might grow to form a new island. Loihi seamount, sometimes known as the "youngest volcano" in the Hawaiian chain, is an undersea mountain rising more than 3000 meters above the floor of the Pacific Ocean. Loihi sits submerged in the Pacific off of the south-eastern coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. This certain submarine volcano was made by hot spots. What are Hot Spots? Hot Spots are where hot magma currents rises from deep in the earths crust. The way that the Loihi submarine volcano is moving is either to the north or to the northwestern. Researchers think that the loihi submarine volcano will either make it to the surface in either 100 years or to even 50,000 year or that it might not even make it to the surface at all.
When there is too much pressure from a Hot Spot in the earths crust it will erupt which is just like a volcanic eruption. Which then when all the volcanic ash and depre is let out it will repeat this process for a long period of time. When there is a new volcanic island forming usually how it started was from a volcanic eruption or from hot spots. When and if there is a new volcano to formed I would think that it would either form at a hot spot. One reason for that is because most volcanoes are formed by and or on a hot spot. But not all volcanoes are formed on hot spots they can also be formed at the ring of fire where almost half of earthquakes are formed. the way that its being formed (Loihi) is that hot spots pressure is building up and its starting to move this submarine volcano up to earths crust/surface.
In the end the way that Loihi was formed is from the hot spots in the earths surface/crust. And if there was ever a new Volcano to be formed it would either be on a hot spot or in the ring of fire!


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