Thursday, March 13, 2008

All about Laser Range-Finders

Laser range-finders are very useful devices and can make measuring a whole lot easier. They measure long distances and use a reflective system to help find the distance. This device is also useful to scientists measuring earthquakes or to people who have a tendency to measure long distances. Overall, laser range-finders are helpful to use, have an interesting way of working, and are useful to people in several different ways.
Laser range-finders are not just measuring distance, but they are measuring the distance to a paarticular target. There are two different types of laser range-finders. One of them is the pulse-type and the other one is the phase-type; however they both measure the same thing. This instrument uses a laser beam to measure the distance and it starts by transmitting a laser signal in the direction of its targert. Next, a signal reflects fom the target creating a real time fly (traveling time) that holds a measured fly time. All of the imformation and traveling time to generates determines the distance to the directed target.
Laser range-finders can be used by just abour anyone. People will generally use them when measuring a long object or measuring a long distance. Scientists use this divice too when studying earthquakes and to use for other further purposes. Scientists use laser range-finders when studying earthquakes because it helps detect seismic activity and it surveys and measures ground movement. Ground movement can be caused by earthquakes and can create fault displacements and surface displacements. Do th this; scientists are able to measure how much moved in that occuring earthquake. This information is important to scientists and can be very helpful to them.
Even though laser range-finders only measure distance they can still be greatly helpful because they can make measuring long distances an easier thing to do and quicker to get done. This device helps detect seismic activity which is useful to scientists. All of this is what creates a useful instrument, a laser range-finder.


Anonymous said...

Before i read your work i had no idea even what a laser range-finders were or that they are very useful to scientists. Nice work on describing!

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I like your Introduction and conclusion. You do a good job on describing what a laser range-finder is. Nice job.