Friday, March 14, 2008

Earthquake preparation, and safety

Earthquake preparation and safety.

You are laying in bed on a summer night, when all of a sudden you start to shake. You hear your children screaming, and furniture starts shaking and moving. Lamps are being knocked off the nightstand, paintings, and mirrors are coming off the wall.
What would you do when an earthquake hits your house, do you know the steps to take to quake proof your house, what to tell your children to do to keep them safe during an earthquake? If your answers were no to any of those questions you should follow these steps below to safer way of living.

Steps for earthquake preparation and safety

1. Identify the potential hazards in your home and begin to fix them, example your gas line breaks and you have a leak, which could lead to a potential explosion.
2. Create a disaster supplies kit, including a few flashlights, water batteries band-aids, a crow bar, a pocketknife.
3. Create a disaster-preparedness plan with your family, tell your children in case of an emergency have a flashlight under your bed with a pair of shoes, take your mattress (if the child is old enough) and to take it over there entire body to protect from any objects that my fall off the walls or glass that may break. Tell them to start yelling, “I am here” after all the shaking stops, and to not move until some one finds them.
4. Identify your buildings weaknesses, and begin to fix them. Example makes sure the walls, and the roof is sturdy.
5. Protect yourself during an earthquake. Drop, Cover, Hold On.
6. After the earthquake check for damage and injuries.
7. When safe follow your plan and get to your emergency earthquake kit, and make sure every one in the house that was not able to get out by them selves was told their name to the search and rescue team.

Hopefully this information is very useful to you before and after an earthquake. Also her is some more information that may be helpful for you before an earthquake.
Remember to secure all heavy furnishings, and keep all large, and heavy objects in the lower cabinets. Make sure that if your house was built after 1935 you get it check for any possible danger. Some more preparations are to make sure you know how to shut off the gas, water, and the electricity. Last make sure you have emergency foods, and water.
Hopefully this information will help you. Knowing the steps to be prepared and safe during an earthquake are the most important, so stay covered stay still, and hold on.





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thank you, now i no how to live in an eq


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very nice intro

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thats like a lot of stuff to do....
thanks for the tips :)


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Good job... nice directions... plenty of information! ES2

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the beginning is really good! i like how u did the steps!i can tell u spent time on it!JK2

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great info, but quite alot of things to do... i might survive now.
very well written.


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Thanx i feared eqs cause i did not know what to do in a eq. i would like to go to california and now i will be ready.(as4)

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i like how you had it as a "to do list" kind of. it was cool. ME4