Sunday, March 23, 2008

Society Living On An Active Plate Boundary

Tokyo, Japan is a society living on an active plate boundary. There are many precautions these people take to handle the effects of volcanoes and earthquakes, many of which will be explained in the following essay.

To reduce damage the buildings have earthquake resistant structures. One part of the structure is base isolation. The building is resting on rollers, so when the ground shakes the rollers move, not the building. Another way of minimizing seismic damage is using Seismic Dampers that act like a car’s shock absorber. The movement may be very large but the dampers absorb part of the energy. A structure may also include ductile materials, like steel, which can tolerate a good amount of inelastic deformation. Of course many things are done that do not have to deal with the building structure, but what the people in the society do for their selves. All the houses are set to standards set by the government, so they are all recognized as safe. Furniture is secured to the walls or ceiling so that nothing collapses during activity, also heavy or large items are to be taken out of top cupboards and shelves moved to bottom ones, where they are less likely to be harmful during tectonic activity. Knowing how and when to shut off the gas of a home is another very important thing the people have learned to handle the dangers. Everyone should know all the exits and keep them clear. One of the most important things these people do is keep a bag for emergencies filled with, food, water, money, flashlights, batteries, radio, and more.

The people of Tokyo, Japan have learned to handle the effects of living on an active plate boundary with ease. Volcanoes and earthquakes are part of their lives and they know how to deal with it. They have many precautions making it easier to deal with. (ME4)

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