Thursday, March 13, 2008

San Fransico EQ of 1906

At 5:12 am Wenseday, April 18th, 1906 a huge earthquake struck northern California.
It is rememberd as on of the worst natural disasters in the history of the USA.
The magnitude was ranged at 7.7 to 8.1, the Intensity in San Fransico was VIII and in Santa Rosa IX.
The mainshock epicenter occured 2 miles offshore and ruptured on the San Anderas Fault to the north and to the south 296 miles.
Many people were either dead or injured.
The largest surface displacement was 20 feet, and the largest displacement was 28 feet.
Shaking could be felt in Oregon, Los Angeles, and as far as Nevada.
Some of the worst damage happend in San Fansico.
80% of the city was destroyed 90% of the damage was caused by fires.
The fires started due to broken gas lines and arson, the majority was broken gas lines and refugees starting campfires unknowningly about the gas in the air.
Worst of all was the firefighters tried to use dynamite to create fire breaks to stop the fire only destroying more buildings.
Arson was caused by people to get insurnce money because they didnt have earthquake coverage just fire damage and thats basicly insurnce fraud.
Fire destroyed 500 blocks of the city, property damages reached to 235 million dollars the equivelent to 5.1 billion dollars today.
Many people where homeless so the army had to come in and build a reffugee camp, they built 5,610 houses to hold the reffugees.
The camp reached well over the population of 16,000.
In conclusion the world now knows how to sucsessfully deal with earthquakes from the horrors that happend in San Fransico.
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