Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Himalayan Mountains

The Himalayan Mountains are the tallest and biggest mountain range in the world. What formed these great mountains? How were they created and shaped over time? I will be answering these questions in the following text.
The Himalayan mountain range was created by an up thrust when India collided with Asia. India used to be part of an island country, but then it split apart and crashed into Asia at a high speed. China was the recipient of this blow. The mountains formed because the land had nowhere else to go but up. The high-speed collision created these enormous mountains. That is why they are so big.
The holy kailish region is home to three major rivers the Indus, yarlung-brahmaputra, and Ganga these rivers erode away the Himalayan mountains greatly. There are also many more rivers that weave in and out of the Himalaya Mountains. The Indian plate continues to move northward toward Asia at about 5cm per year. Due to this subtle movement and erosion over the years the Himalaya Mountains have been able to maintain a consistent height. The Himalayan mountain range is home to fourteen of the highest peaks. These peaks can help scientists to come up with a conclusion of how fast and at what rate India came crashing in at.
The Himalaya Mountains are a huge attraction to climb. Many people have accomplished this hard task to make it to the very top of one of these high peaks. There is a little plateau that was formed at the bottom of these great mountains. This was formed due to the crash there was a plateau that combined.
Those are some facts about the Himalayan Mountains. There were formed by a great up thrust when India crashed into Asia and becoming part of Asia. These mountains are huge and they have created many spots for vacationing and many rock climbers dream to go there. If you were a rock climber this would be paradise. NB 2


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