Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ash and Lapilli

You are exploring a volcano that has been dormant for some time. You begin to keep notes of the type of volcanic debris that you see as you hike. Your first notes describe volcanic ash. Later, you describe in your notes lapilli. Are you getting closer or farther away from the crater?

Lapilli and ash are two really different things; both are caused and fall during and after a volcanic eruption. Ash is dust to sand size particles that fall during and after a volcanic eruption. Lapilli are 2mm to 64mm big and vary in color. Ash, which is light, will tend to carry farther distances due to wind and will fall farther from the crater of the eruption. Were as lapilli would fall closer to the crater because it heavier so it would not be carried as far. So you would be moving closer to the volcano.
Lapilli is formed be the eruption that flings lava out into the air and the lava will rapidly cool causing it to turn into pumice which is light but not as light as ash. Lapilli is also called small pyroclasts Ash is a fine-grained material that gets thrown out of a volcano during an eruption. It is made of one of these two following things. One it could be pulverized rock being thrown out of a volcano. Or two, it is made of lava droplets. Ash from a volcano is not the same as ash from a fire.
Volcanic ash, however destructive, has also a good side to it. Ash can be blown over hundreds of miles. After a while ash will become extremely fertile, which is why plant life, relatively speaking, will grow after a volcanic eruption quickly.
Lapilli and ash are two different things, but both have some similarities; some differences are ash is light and can be carried by wind hundreds of miles away from the eruption. But lapilli is found closer to the crater because it is heavier. Ash is extremely fertile were as lapilli is not. But both are extremely destructive. Ash would destroy things by burring and crushing structures. Lapilli would fall and break things. Because of the fact that lapilli is denser than ash it would make sense that you would find ash and then lapilli which would mean that you are getting closer to the crater. (RF2)


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