Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Trip to our Earth's Core

Imagine you are taking a journey to the center of the earth, what would you expect to find? Well this is where you will find out. As you probably already know the earth is made of the crust, mantle, and the core. But if you were to take a journey to the center of the earth you would find many other things, and what the layers are made of.
The first step of getting to the center of the earth is the crust; the chemical composition of the crust is quartz and feldspars. There are crystalline rocks in the crust also. The next part of the earth is the upper mantle, some chemical compositions of the upper mantle are crystalline forms of olivine and pyroxene, the top layer of the mantle is the asthenosphere and it’s about 100 to 200 kilometers below the surface. The lower mantle includes silicon, magnesium, and oxygen; it also probably contains some iron, calcium, and aluminum. Some physical properties of the mantle are that it is 2900 kilometers thick, and it is 83% of the earth’s volume. The mantle contains many layers too. Last but not least is the earth’s core; the core is made up in two parts, the inner core and the outer core. The outer core doesn’t contain many things, only iron and sulfur. It is also liquid; the physical elements of the outer core are that the density is 11 grams per cubic centimeter. The very inside of our earth is the inner core, it is made up of solid iron, and the inner core has a density of about 13 grams per cubic centimeter,
Well we made it to the center of the earth, and our journey is over. We explored the crust, the mantle, and the core in depth and up close. I explained each layers chemical composition and it’s physical properties. Now you know about each layer of the earth.
by: kaa


Anonymous said...

There were many facts, but sometimes there was an overload of them. You also stayed very focused on your topic. SC3

Anonymous said...

you did a very good job at explaning this and i like how you had specific facts.


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nice work. i wish i could write this well. i was very very interested.

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wow lots of facts !
i liked your intro sentence.
nice work.