Thursday, March 13, 2008

San Francisco earthquake of 1906

When the earthquake of 1906 shock the city of San Francisco many lives where taken in the process. There where 3,000 deaths during this 8 minute disaster. Scientists have measured the damage that if caused, what exactly destroyed the city and the type of fault, the last this that they started to think about is what have we learned from the day that San Francisco shock.
When the most damaging earthquake in the world goes through you can only imagine the damage that it left behind. The people that survived this quake when mostly injured in the path, there was 225,000 injures and 3,000 deaths in San Francisco at this time. The city had a total of $400,000,000 in property damage and need the help of other countries to pay for the damage caused by something that they had no control over. When the city shock the ground broke open for 270 miles and it only lasted a minute. That was one big shake!
The earthquake was caused by the San Andreas Fault, which is a horizontal fault that is in a system of sub parallel faults near the Bay Area Fault line. This plate boundary is a transform fault; a transform Fault is when the plates slide past each other horizontally to cause an earthquake. The San Francisco earthquake measured an 8.25 on the Richter scale. The motion between the North American plate to the west and the pacific plate to the west about 5 inches in was the cause of the earthquake or where it took place. This motion strained the earthquake to impress the fault. This is a very large fault that caused a very large earthquake.
Scientists learned a lot from this date in history. They learned that earthquakes move along a fault line that is located under the earth, they are also known as the weakness of the earth. They also learned that they could monitor seismic activity. Construction workers are also building house that are along faults so that they can survive earthquakes with faxable pipes and other things to lessen the fires during a earthquake. The main thing that scientists are going to do is to take many precautions when it comes to earthquakes and big cities.
The San Francisco earthquake was a memorable time in the history of the United States. We have learned many lessons and we have also learned how to find the type of fault and top predicts them so that it will not happen again. I think that this is a tragic time for many people and I hope that it will not happen again. KG2


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Did the whole state feel this?

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Very descriptive and lots of facts.
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