Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Loihi submarine island

The Loihi Island is a new island that is slowly being made by volcanic activity underwater and is probably going to be like the other Hawaiian Islands. In my assessment I will tell how it formed and where I think it will be located.

How it is being made.
A hot spot is a spot where magma under the earth is hotter than usual and burns throw the plates and spews out. A hot spot is under the pacific plate and that’s where the Hawaiian Islands came from. The plate is moving northeast so the Island chain is being made in a northeast line and as more of the plate is being burned through the bigger the Islands can get, that’s why the first Islands are small and the last ones are bigger because they have had more time to burn through and grow.
Loihi is another spot where magma has burned throw and is slowly rising and making a new Island. Where do you think the new volcanic island will be located? The new island will be located at around south-southeast, as the plate moves over the magma burns a new hole and makes another spot for magma to come up and make a new Island. But the new Island won’t surface for years because it takes along time for the lava to make a new island. This island should be as big or bigger than the other islands. Loihi is on constant watch because of the volcanic activity could cause an earthquake and make a tsunami.

So that is it about Loihi. The Island is so far very quiet and is peacefully spewing out lava and is slowly is growing. But is still watched incase of a big eruption and earthquakes and big tsunamis and anything else dangerous. (JB2)


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The Loihi island sounds interesting.
I enjoyed reading your description of
Loihi and how it is made.

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